Medium Used

Smart Booth

Key Features

digital projection, data analytics, facial recognition

Smart Booth Facial Recognition

Feedback can be difficult to gather without being intrusive or having direct communication with the consumers. Our client preferred a more efficient way that is intuitive at the same time.

A sensors-based system tracks the customer’s facial expressions to relay their sentiment based on smiles, frowns, or neutral faces. There is no infringement of privacy as no photos or videos are taken or stored at any one point in time. Our proprietary software is able to tell the estimated age and gender. Additionally, these details are all viewable in simple infographics at the local backend. Hence, only the client has access to the data without going through a third party. The system also allows a comparison of specs when 2 or more phones are lifted up at the same time.


Increased revenue and customer sentiment

In addition to sales figures, our client is also informed of the sentiments of the potential customers when interacting with the products. They can then strategise for their product campaigns accordingly to increase revenue, and plan logistics for warehousing by knowing which products to stock, bringing the overall cost down