we are rock nano

Rock Nano Holdings is an award-winning tech company reinventing the research & development landscape into entertaining solutions for your brand. With the use of recombinant innovation, we build Intellectual Properties that marry art, media, and technology—giving you and your consumers an unforgettable experience.
Making life


With veteran expertise of software engineering, we develop products related to the internet-of-things, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machines, sensors, and motor vehicles.
Making life


We are Singapore’s leading game development company and the creator of Armagallant, a deck-building real-time strategy game exclusively for the PlayStation 4.
Making life


Using hardware technologies and off-the-shelf components, we build novel and affordable immersive projection systems to convey your vision.

Awards / Recognition

Our expertise in recombinant innovation allows us to explore ideas for your brand and bring them to life like no other way. From augmented reality showcases to virtual reality experiences, we are honoured to have received the following awards and accolades for our projects from these recognized organizations.